Langit Cipta Media
Jl. Maccini Raya No.35 B
Makassar - 90144 Indonesia
Phone: 0411-443120
Langitku | About
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About Us


Langit Cipta Media is an adver0sing agency in Indonesia located in the bustling city of Makassar. We specialize in adver0sing and social media as well as business marketing to promote or launch a business kine in Indonesia from across the world strategy to enter Indonesia market. Provide our expertise in entering the Indonesia market, develop the advertise campaign, selecting the media support, market research and also targeting the right customer. This help provide the business to be a part of the Indonesia market as it express themselves to the world. Our Services is wide range from media buying, online strategy, press release, and graphic media with our eye catching design that is being develop by our design team we create strong relation with our clients. We are learn of people who are passionate to enlarge the market of indonesia. Take the market to the next level with strong competition on our side and challenges face we still manage to expose our business internationally.

Our Vision

Enlarge  the  advertising  situation  of  Indonesia  to  the   next  level,  to  influence  the  world  about  the  Indonesia   market  in  adver0sing  term.

Our Mission

To  give  the  very  best  possible  media  campaign  or   adver0se  goods  and  services  in  Indonesia.  To  help   interna0onal  business  enter  the  local  market.

Our Value

Low  Budget  High  Impact  Crea0ve  Ads  with  impacOull   meaning  Express  work